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The Way Ahead - Civil Society at the Heart of London

Apr 25th 2016

The Way Ahead: Civil Society at the Heart of London is the final report of the Review of the Future of Civil Society Support in London. The Review was commissioned by London Funders, working closely with Greater London Volunteering and the London Voluntary Service Council. These three organisations formed the Project Steering Group for the Review. The Review was carried out by Srabani Sen OBE & Associates. The Review was funded by City of London Corporation’s Charity, City Bridge Trust and London Funder

The research seeks to understand how civil society in the capital can best be supported in order to make the biggest difference for Londoners. Building on existing research, this new project will result in a practical plan for the future of infrastructure in London.


For a PDF version of 'The Way Ahead- Civil Society at the Heart of London', please click here

                                                      An extended executive summary can be found here | A full update on the project can be found here

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