We define philanthropy as the giving of resources in an engaged and strategic way for maximum impact and in a tax efficient manner. It can include the giving of money, assets, time, talent, voice and one’s social capital. We believe in the power of philanthropy as a great social connector and the source of many great opportunities.

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Smart Giving: A Guide to Donating

May 12th 2016
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Barclays Wealth Smart Giving: A Guide to Donating offers advice to donors of more than £100 (or fundraising more than £100 for charity).

Smart Giving encourages donors to interrogate charities so they better understand what they do to be able to give more safely. The guide was developed in response to demand from Barclays’ Wealth and Investment Management clients for information on what they need to know before donating to charity to feel confident that their donation will be well-spent.

Smart Giving also contains tips on how to link the level of information individuals seek from a charity to the scale of the donation.

The guide is available online at Barclays Wealth.


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