We define philanthropy as the giving of resources in an engaged and strategic way for maximum impact and in a tax efficient manner. It can include the giving of money, assets, time, talent, voice and one’s social capital. We believe in the power of philanthropy as a great social connector and the source of many great opportunities.

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A practical guide to adding value through non-financial support

Dec 10th 2015

The European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) have published a new report which examines the potential for funders to provide non-financial support.

The report is  targeted at the Venture Philanthrophy /Social Investment sector and plots the cost and value-add of non-financial support. It recommends the best ways of engaging your investees and grantees with non-financial support in order to accelerate their progress towards producing solid societal outcomes.

The guide outlines:

  • The variety of non-financial support services that exist-
  • How to map your assets and prioritise the non-financial support you offer
  • How to organise non-financial support internally
  • How to assess the organisational needs of the social purpose organisation
  • How to assess the cost and impact of the non-financial support effectively
  • How to assess the value placed by the social purpose organisations on the support received

To read the report in full visit EVPA

Alongside the report, EVPA have produced several tools designed to help plan, deliver, monetise and value non-financial support. These tools can be found on the EVPA website.

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