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Minority Report - Diversity in Giving

Jan 30th 2014

In this issue  Philanthropy UK's Magazine explores the issue of diversity – is philanthropy representative of the UK’s cultural mix? One in six people in the UK are non- White, however there are few statistics to compare this to the level of philanthropic participation by non-White people.

There is little to no definitive evidence into the giving trends of British BME communities and individuals. This issue may highlight something more fundamental, and challenging. What was  not anticipated in researching the main feature was the cautiousness they would encounter from mainstream organisations to talk about the state of BME philanthropy in the UK today or to explore what could be done to encourage more of it. They conclude ‘race’ remains a ‘too sensitive’ and challenging issue.
A colour blind approach appears to be a safer stance. Where they  did find examples of mainstream organisations supporting BME funding they were heartening. In talking to the BME philanthropic community they heard of a sense of isolation and a need for a helping hand in encouraging more philanthropy so Black and ethnic funders can exercise their status in society and self-determine solutions to the specific problems they encounter. Read the report here

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