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Millennials at work: Reshaping the workplace

May 3rd 2016

It is clear that millennials have the potential to be a powerful generation of workers and that those with the right skills will be in high demand. PWC have released fresh insight into what matters most in a millennial mind-set and how they believe millennials are reshaping the workplace.

The key findings from a new report by PWC seem to suggest that in some respects, attitudes and expectations of millennials may be changing as a result of current and future economic pressures.

One outcome from PWC’s research put work/life balance at the top of pile in terms of importance over the dangling carrot of financial rewards:

“The work/life balance has always been a priority for millennials and this year’s results reinforce that view, with 95% of respondents saying the work/life balance is important to them and 70% saying it’s very important. In second place they want flexible working hours and cash bonuses come in at a surprising third place.”

The report also raises the Interesting question; what is the current value of CSR in the workplace?

 “Millennials are attracted to employer brands that they admire as consumers. In 2008 88% were looking for employers with CSR values that matched their own, and 86% would consider leaving an employer whose values no longer met their expectations. Fast forward three years and just over half are attracted to employers because of their CSR position and only 56% would consider leaving an employer that didn’t have the values they expected.”

They go on to explain: "The fundamental attributes of the millennial generation are still apparent – and in some cases more pronounced than before – and reinforce the view that a more inventive talent strategy is needed in order to attract and get the best out of them."

One city millennial commented; “My career will be one of choice, not one chosen out of desperation. It will align who I am with what I do.”

Read the full report here


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