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Growing Up Giving Parliamentary Inquiry

Nov 20th 2013

Over the course of 2013, the Charities Aid Foundation has held a Parliamentary Inquiry on how to grow giving in the UK, chaired by former Cabinet Minister the Rt Hon David Blunkett MP and co-chaired by Andrew Percy MP and Baroness Tyler. The inquiry focusses on three main areas:
Growing up Giving, Giving at Work, and Going on Giving. 

So far two inquiries have taken place and the summaies of evidence are available to download for free from the CAF Website:

Part One: Growing Up Giving

Part Two: Growing Giving - Giving at Work

The Terms of Reference for the inquiry are set out below.

Overall Aim

To investigate and explore ways to close the generation gap in charitable giving and promote active engagement with charities at all ages. To encourage younger generations to give more time and money to charity and ensure people keep on giving throughout their lives.

Inquiry Panel

Chair: Rt Hon David Blunkett MP (Labour)
Co-Chairs: Andrew Percy MP (Conservative), Baroness Tyler (Liberal Democrat)

Strands of inquiry

1. Growing up Giving

What is the role of education in helping young people to learn about and engage with charity? What opportunities are there are for young people to become involved in charity? How we can make giving opportunities fit for the digital age?

As a guide to help start the debate, here are the questions we hope to address.

  • How can we ensure that primary and secondary education instil the value of charity in young people?
  • How can we ensure that higher and further education provide opportunities for young people to continue to be involved with charities?
  • How can we encourage more young people to become charity trustees?
  • How do we ensure young people make a lifetime connection with charity through volunteering, work placements and social action?
  • How are young people engaging with charity in a digital world?
  • How can we make sure giving is fit for the digital age?

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2. Giving at Work

How can we promote charity and philanthropy more effectively in the workplace? What are the most effective mechanisms for giving? How do people give at work? What is the future of philanthropy in the work environment?

  • What role can business play in encouraging more and smarter individual giving in the workplace?
  • How can we improve workplace giving mechanisms?
  • Do business leaders need to do more to get employees engaged with charity?
  •  What’s the business case for giving and can it encourage young people to work for specific employers?
  • The future workplace – what steps can we take to ensure charity and work are intertwined and how can businesses be established with giving in mind?


3. Going On Giving

How can we best engage retired people with charities? How can we harness their generosity today, and ensure they pass on the gift of giving to future generations? How can people plan their giving as they get older?

  • How can families pass the gift of giving onto the next generation?
  • How can older and young generations give together?
  • What are the barriers to giving effectively in retirement?
  • How can older people give their time and skills to charities?
  • How can we encourage greater legacy giving?
  • Can Living Legacies unlock greater charitable giving among the Baby Boomer generation?

The deadline for the submission of written evidence relating to the Going on Giving stage of the inquiry is Wednesday 27th November 2013.

Website: http://www.growinggiving.org.uk

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