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Cause, Influence & the Workplace: The Millennial Impact Report Retrospective: 5 Years of Trends

Dec 12th 2016

Over the last six years, The Case Foundation, in partnership with Achieve, has been actively tracking how the Millennial generation turns interest into action and influences social good movements. Known as the Millennial Impact Report, it has become one of the largest annual surveys focused on the next generation to date.

The Achieve research team assessed the data and conclusions reported during the first five years to identify any trends or anomalies previously undetectable. In this report, after analysing 5 years of research data, Achieve pinpoint six common findings: 

1. Intrinsic passion for a cause is millennials’ primary motivator.

2. Millennials volunteer and give modestly to multiple causes in early engagement.

3. Among millennials, women give more money than men, and older individuals more than younger ones; larger donations correlate with higher total volunteer hours.

4. Peers are a critical influence on millennial giving.

5. Millennials want to use and develop their skills through cause engagement.

6. Millennials learn about and donate to causes digitally, using each platform distinctly

Download a copy of the full report  here

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