We define philanthropy as the giving of resources in an engaged and strategic way for maximum impact and in a tax efficient manner. It can include the giving of money, assets, time, talent, voice and one’s social capital. We believe in the power of philanthropy as a great social connector and the source of many great opportunities.

City Philanthropy

A Wealth of Opportunity

Philanthropy Networks

Connecting with like-minded people who want to do good is a growing trend in the City. Many networks are springing up that bring people together around philanthropy. Here is a list of current networks with details on how you can connect with them. Their events can be found in our events diary.


BeMORE aims to get people involved in philanthropy, to show how much charity donations can achieve and to create a community that does some good.

BeMORE is a journey of personal discovery and transformation. You will find out more about who you are, what your purpose is and the amazing amount you offer the world. And you will experience real joy in giving to a charity project and seeing the amazing impact you create. BeMORE members have supported a variety of causes from helping young Londoners find employment to building a new hospital ward in Madagascar.

Over 10 sessions you meet new people, share food, hear inspiring talks, and collaborate your talents, time and money in BeMORE giving groups. With your shared giving pot, you seek and give to a charity project to create maximum impact – helping those in need and discovering more through being generous. 

If you are interested in joining a BeMORE group please click here: www.bemore.co.uk/join-bemore or contact hello@bemore.co.uk

The City Funding Network

The City Funding Network launched in July 2012 and is based on The Funding Network's high energy 'Dragon's Den' model, with charities making a short pitch to a roomful of funders, followed by rounds of frenetic pledging.

It aims to:

  • Support young City professionals in discovering and developing their philanthropy.
  • Provide a fun and interesting night out, with access to exclusive venues and special experiences.
  • Allow attendees to network with like-minded individuals, both in their organisation and across the sector.

Past events have comprised film screenings, exclusive access to London's historic landmarks and special insights from high-profile figures such as Michael Palin.

Each event begins with drinks, canapes and the opportunity to network. As The City Funding Network is aimed at young City professionals, they are designed to include a unique, fun experience. Each event raises on average £5k for each charity and over the past three years it has raised more than £145k for various charities.

At these events:

  • You’ll hear from some innovative projects who pitch for funding.
  • Passionate pitches are made in 6 minutes per project with up to 6 minutes of questions and answers from the audience.
  • Attendees experience an exciting pledging session where anyone inspired to help can donate publicly (or anonymously) to the presenting projects. 
  • The totals raised are announced and everyone leaves on a high!

For more information contact: karen@thefundingnetwork.org.uk and to visit their website click here

Engaging Experience Philanthropy Network

The Fore’s Engaging Experience philanthropy network connects skilled professionals to intellectually engaging voluntary opportunities with small charities and social enterprises.

Network members do much more than paint fences or attend bake-sales. They leverage their skills to offer strategic mentoring, review business models, secure sustainable growth, provide technical expertise and take on non-executive board-level roles. Their help can make all the difference for dozens of the most innovative non-profits across the UK. The time commitment is completely flexible depending on each member’s interests.

Join a growing collection of like-minded financiers, lawyers, civil servants, entrepreneurs, technology experts, media professionals and industry leaders who have realised that social impact can easily be achieved alongside a full-time career.

Network members will be sent weekly emails with opportunities to support the UK’s best small charities and social enterprises. They will also be invited to evening events at Two Temple Place, where they can meet charity leaders, social entrepreneurs and other network members in person.

To join the network, or request more information, please email engagingexperience@thefore.org

Measuring the Good

A joint initiative between Coalition for Efficiency and Volunteering Matters.

The Measuring the Good community of volunteers is a network of experienced mentors who are matched with charities and social enterprises that are looking to better understand, measure and manage their impact data in order to prove and improve the impact of their work.

Over a period of 2-3 months, the mentor follows a step-by-step, structured framework to guide an organisation through the challenges of developing and embedding a robust impact framework by acting as an independent facilitator and applying their own business skills and management expertise.

It is the charity CEO, supported by staff and a trustee, who leads the project and the volunteer who facilitates discussions between them and the volunteer mentor  to help them take steps to identify the key metrics, find ways to communicate achievements more transparently and lead to a more results-driven culture within the organisation.

The Measuring the Good programme allows each volenteer mentor to:

  • Apply their business skills and experience for charitable benefit
  • Broaden their experience in a new environment and sector with different strategic issues
  •  Improve their work-life balance and connect with the community
  • Gain personal satisfaction and be intellectually stimulated
  • Develop professional, interpersonal and leadership skills

If you are interesting in joining the Measuring the Good community, please contact Antonia Orr at antonia@cfefficiency.org.uk or  Angela Schlenkhoff-Hus at Angela.Schlenkhoff-Hus@volunteeringmatters.org.uk


BeyondMe is a movement dedicated to promoting generosity in leadership. With the belief that by being generous, leaders can substantially improve society, their businesses and themselves. Individuals can start (or join) a team within their workplace. Each team will have a cofounder, six colleagues and a senior sponsor. The team chooses a charitable project that excites them. The team then supports that charity across 12 months with both financial and pro bono support.

The model aims to:

  • Maximise giving: The senior sponsor matches the team’s investment.
  • Maximise impact: The team funds a particular niche project - investing their money, time and expertise to achieve the charity's objectives.
  • Maximise experience: Each team has a transparent reporting process and members join BeyondMe, providing unique learning and networking events.

For more information on creating or joining a team, contact Joel at Joel@beyondme.org

 Cick here to read a copy of BeyondMe's newly released impact report 2011-2016

Giving What We Can

Giving What We Can is an international society dedicated to eliminating extreme poverty. Its members and supporters are united in the belief that extreme poverty is one of the biggest problems in the world today, and they are geared around resolving it.

Giving What We Can promotes the idea that for those of us living in the developed world, our comparative wealth gives us an amazing opportunity to make a real difference. That is why its members take a pledge committing them to donate at least 10% of their incomes to relieving suffering caused by extreme poverty.

It puts a focus on the importance of donating to the most effective charities, to have the greatest possible impact. To that end, Giving What We Can recommends charities based on some of the best research into the effectiveness of interventions in the developing world. It turns out that the difference between charities is astounding: Some do 1,000 times as much good with a donation as others!

For more information, contact information@givingwhatwecan.org.

The Philanthropy Club

The Philanthropy Club is a private not-for-profit members club in London. Members are charitable, creative and connected individuals who come together to drive innovation that brings hope and opportunity to people in need around the globe. The Philanthropy Club believe through philanthropy that is more social, together we can accomplish much more than what we can achieve alone.

The idea behind the club is to inspire a culture of philanthropy among City professionals and to channel their giving in a way that is strategic, effective and sustainable. This is done typically through exclusive social and networking events in and around London where members get together and exchange stories and experiences, and where they engage directly with the Club’s carefully selected causes. Causes range from poverty alleviation in Malawi to creating livelihoods in Kenya to emergency medical relief in Indonesia, made possible by the Club’s charity partners.

Members can pledge not only their financial resources, but also their skills, knowledge, experience and influence towards a cause or causes at the Club’s events. Through the Club, members will also be able to track the achievement of measurable goals for each cause.

The Philanthropy Club’s particular strength is harnessing the wealth, knowledge and skills of a new generation of diaspora philanthropists by providing them with the opportunity to connect with each other, as well as with impactful causes from their home countries.

As a member of The Philanthropy Club, you have the opportunity to achieve greater impact by focusing your giving, and to challenge yourself by applying corporate skills to solving important global social problems.

For more information visit www.thephilanthropyclub.com and their fundraising platform at www.thephilanthropy.club

Find news and information on upcoming events on The Philanthropy Club Facebook page.

Raise Your Hands

Raise Your Hands support small effective charities working with young people by making it easy, rewarding, affordable and entertaining for people to get involved. They recognize that people are bored of chugging, emotional blackmail, just giving links and so on. They offer a different solution that allows their community to support small effective charities on terms that suit the donor, rather than terms that suit the charity. 

Giving to charity should be something that you can enjoy doing on a regular basis, and something that you should be able to do it in an easy, sustainable and effective way. Raise Your Hands is a fund raising community that will allow you to do that.

Please visit www.raiseyourhands.org.uk to see how you can join a community that is a real force for good. 

The 100 Club

The 100 Club is an exclusive philanthropy syndicate which enables its members to donate, in an easy and strategic way, to the most effective local charities working across East London’s deprived communities.

Our members hail from a variety of career backgrounds in the property, finance and legal industries, from companies including Société Générale, TD Securities, Canary Wharf Group Plc, Northern Trust, the FCA and Clifford Chance, as well as local SME’s.

Our members are unified in their passion for making a difference in disadvantaged communities and meet together at exclusive networking events throughout the year. 

How can I support my community?

The 100 Club asks you to make an annual donation of £1000, of which... 

  • £500 will be used immediately to support local needs, and
  • £500 will be invested in a permanent endowment providing money to support the East End in perpetuity, creating a permanent legacy of your donation

100% of member donations will be used to fund charitable activity in the East End. EECF has strong knowledge of the local community and its needs, and will target causes and people who need them the most.

To find out more visit The East End Community Foundation

Women for Change Breakfast Club

The Women for Change Breakfast Club brings together leaders keen to use their skills and resources to make a positive social impact. The breakfast club is hosted by the Shiva Foundation and the GMSP Foundation in collaboration with City Philanthropy.

The network inspires generosity by

  • Unlocking potential for women to have greater impact on the world on the basis of their interests, aspriations and motivations 
  • Enabling action by connecting women with organisations they can work with and add real value

Each month, the network connects to organisations involved with various causes – from government bodies to NGOs, activists and civil society – at breakfast events. Members may collectively learn, collaborate and contribute to resolving the most pressing social issues of our time.

Topics to be explored include human trafficking, child sexual abuse, violence against women, education and the environment, and are guided by the network members’ interests.

Find out more at Shiva Foundation

Rainmaker Foundation

Rainmaker Foundation is a select community of individuals who are committed to make the world a better place for all. They work with and on behalf of their members – individuals known as Rainmakers – to use their collective resources to drive greater social impact.

This is done by sourcing and selecting ten charities or social enterprises each year and then tapping into the Rainmaker network of contacts and expertise to provide them access to training, audiences and funds they might not reach without help.

Rainmakers come from all sectors and socioeconomic groups but with the common ability to create change and the ambition that the world needs to be a better place.

This focused way of supporting charities and social enterprises accelerates their development and increases their impact whilst providing members with an effective, enjoyable and collaborative approach to improving the lives of others.

Find out more at Rainmaker Foundation

Society of Young Philanthropists

The Society of Young Philanthropists is the UK division of the World Council of People for the United Nations. They are dedicated to incentivising and facilitating the involvement of young current and future leaders in social action. 

The Society operates in various ways. 

  • Providing a platform for charities and social action projects to make their needs understandable and accessible to members
  • Hosting salon-style dinners to encourage discussion and activity; and larger-scale fundraising events
  • Helping people do good: either volunteering , donating, or fundraising
  • Rewarding members for their philanthropic activity with discounts at luxury brands, restaurants, hotels, members clubs and access to money-can't-buy experiences
  • Enticing members with SocietyRedressed, a new blog dedicated to fashion, luxury, travel, events, history and memories.


JCI London

Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a voluntary, world-wide personal development organisation for young professionals and entrepreneurs in their twenties and thirties.  The mission of JCI is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

Active participation in JCI provides members with the opportunities to:

  • Enhance their career prospects & add new skills to their CV
  • Develop their leadership ability
  • Expand their professional and social contacts locally and across the globe
  • Increase their self-confidence
  • Gain practical project management experience in a safe and supportive environmen
  • Create positive change

What makes JCI stand out against other personal development and networking organisations is that it does not just focus on just one area of opportunity but five: businesstraininginternationalcommunity and social.

Visit JCI London to find out more.

Effective Altruism London

This group is for anyone based in London who is interested in making the biggest possible difference in the world through high impact philanthropy or other evidence based methods.

Effective altruism is a philosophy and social movement which applies evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to improve the world. A key part of this is donating to the most cost-effective charities, relying at least in part on the recommendations of charity comparison sites (such as GiveWell.org). The movement also considers other evidence-based ways of increasing impact such as volunteering with the most effective organisations, thinking critically about what causes to support, choosing a career in a way that maximizes impact and so on.

Effective Altruism London is an informative and social hub for anyone in London who is interested in effective altruism. We aim to encourage more people give effectively and to support those who already do so and are living and working in London. We have a regular social event on the third Tuesday of each month and occasional other events such as talks and discussions and volunteering events.

To find out more or to attend an event visit:  http://ealondon.com


Filanthropy* organises fun parties that cultivate collaboration for social change. Three selected, inspirational social entrepreneurs share their stories and break down how they would spend £1,000. Then between a crowd of creative curious hearts, the aim is to help each project reach that target. There is an opportunity to ask questions, chat to the entrepreneurs and mix in some drinks and merriment with networking (or friend-making). The beauty of crowdfunding is that whether you’re a student, investor, advertising guru, chef, clown, events producer or entrepreneur, you can contribute either funds or time in collaboration with others, amplifying your personal capacity to…well…kinda, sorta, a little bit, change the world.

Since November 2013 they have raised over £14,000 for many deserving causes.

Visit Filanthropy* to find out more and read about their latest events.


OxFizz is a not-for-profit social enterprise which raises money for charity, works to improve access to top universities and empowers recent graduates to engage with philanthropy, raise money for charity and support students from non-traditional university backgrounds to reach their potential.

The OxFizz model combines the best of business and the best of charity and works in the following way:

  • They provide paid, high-quality educational services to those who can afford it. These services are delivered through the following branches:Oxbridge Interviews, which provides interview skills workshops, admissions test help and academically realistic practice interviews, Career Interview Coaching, which supports students in competency-based interview practice, and Oxford & Cambridge Summer School, which provides students from across the globe with an opportunity to experience life at a top university.
  • All three branches of OxFizz’s educational support are provided by our trained team of recent graduate volunteers. Volunteers draw on their experiences both applying to and studying at university, as well as their experience in the work-place, to provide realistic and beneficial interview practice, workshops and tutorials.
  • The profits raised through the provision of services are split between charities chosen by volunteers, the bursary programme (chiefly our annual £30,000 donation to The Access Project) and a 10% reserve.

Visit OxFizz to find out more.


Nexus is a global movement of 2000+ young investors, social entrepreneurs and allies who work to increase and improve philanthropy and social impact investing. 

The network collaborates to advance the potential of next generation leadership across nations and sectors as well as to bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship for dialogue, education and collaborative problem solving. The membership includes people from more than 70 countries and hundreds of the world’s most influential families.

Founded in 2011, Nexus has convened its summits in partnership with the United Nations and other governments, and has been featured in the media internationally. The summits have helped scale projects globally, helped generate millions of dollars in new giving, and helped to inspire the creation of various social businesses and non-profits.

Find out more at Nexus.

Contact Collective young philanthropy network

Contact Collective is for young people who want to support a fantastic cause while attending fun, creative and sociable fundraising events.
By hosting and attending ticketed dinners, awareness-raising talks and networking evenings, contact collective young philanthropists have a great time in the name of a great cause Contact a FamilyContact a Family is a national charity for families with disabled children. They provide information, advice and support to bringing families together, whilst campaigning to improve their circumstances, and for their right to be included and equal in society.
The network is open to anyone aged 20-40. It is collaborative and inclusive.
Contact Collective runs an exciting events schedule that includes:
Dinner parties and pop-up supper clubs.
Drawing classes
Music evenings and gigs
Yoga classes
Inspiring talks
Parties in stunning venues
Art exhibitions
Networking evenings
As a member you'll be invited to all the fun events and receive a quarterly report on everything that's going on at Contact a Family. You will receive a fundraising pack with tips on how you can help and get involved with the Contact Collective.
If you are interested in joining the Collective or would like to find out more, please email Bella Franks at bella.franks@cafamily.org.uk.