We define philanthropy as the giving of resources in an engaged and strategic way for maximum impact and in a tax efficient manner. It can include the giving of money, assets, time, talent, voice and one’s social capital. We believe in the power of philanthropy as a great social connector and the source of many great opportunities.

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Companygiving.org.uk is an excellent tool for researching potential corporate partnerships, especially when narrowing down by causes supported and location. Companygiving.org.uk saves you valuable research time in targeting your fundraising efforts effectively. It helps to improve your fundraising success by instantly pinpointing the companies sympathetic to your cause and providing all the information you need to make strong approaches for corporate partnership.

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ELBA (East London Business Alliance) creates possibilities in East London by connecting business to local people, alongside public and community partners, to enable social, economic and infrastructure change.

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Encore Futures

Encore Futures facilitates strategic level, high impact volunteer projects in charities for experienced professionals who are looking for a new challenge. Introductory workshops for individuals to explore how their skills and experience can make a difference through their next stage of life are also available. Encore Futures’ approach focuses on understanding motivations, supporting transitions and building reciprocal relationships in order to achieve meaningful social impact for both charity and the individual.

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Heart of The City

Heart of the City enables companies to develop Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through learning from one another.

If your business is based in the City of London or neighbouring boroughs you can access its free Newcomers programme. Its programme explores the key areas of commuity, environment, supply-chain and employee-wellbeing.

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Impetus - The Private Equity Foundation

Impetus-The Private Equity Foundation (Impetus PEF), the pioneer of venture philanthropy in the UK, has a long history encouraging executive volunteers - or "Executeers" - to donate their "day job" skills to ambitious charities and social enterprises. Last year alone, such experts donated more than £2.8m worth of skills to Impetus and the 23 organisations in our portfolio. By giving what you're good at you can have a bigger impact on the charities you choose to help.

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Institute for Philanthropy

Established in 2000, the Institute for Philanthropy is one of the world's leading organisations providing education and thought leadership in strategic philanthropy. With offices in London and New York, it works closely with a global network of leaders in the philanthropic sector, including wealthy individuals and families engaged in philanthropy, analysts and researchers, private companies, trusts, foundations and schools.

The Institute runs workshops for aspiring philanthropists 


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New Philanthropy Capital

New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) is a think tank and consultancy dedicated to helping funders and charities make the greatest possible difference.

It offers advice based on in-depth research of social issues and tried and tested methods of analysing social impact. It encourages debate about what makes charities, social enterprises and funders effective, and provides organisations with the tools to help them measure their impact.

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On Purpose

"We believe in putting purpose before profit. We're a community that helps you find your work in the world: work that matters and work you care about. We believe that only by doing this will we have a chance of solving society's most difficult problems.”

Tom Rippin
On Purpose Founder and CEO

On Purpose works with inspiring professionals and help them get stuck in to help them become leaders that harness the power of business for good. It runs several programmes.

Philanthropy Impact

Philanthropy Impact (formerly EAPG) is a membership organisation with a vision to increase philanthropy and social investment across borders, sectors and causes.

They work with advisers, philanthropists, charities and governments to develop greater expertise, awareness and impact in philanthropic action.
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