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Women for Change Breakfast Club launched by philanthropist Dame Stephanie Shirley

Sep 25th 2015
Dame Stephanie Shirley

Philanthropist Dame Stephanie Shirley officially launched the Women for Change Breakfast Club (WfCBC) with an inspirational speech to a room full of some of London’s most influential women.

The event, held at the Kingsway Hall Hotel, heard from Dame Stephanie as she shared her life philosophy of “learning, earning and returning” and proudly proclaimed that she had “given enough money away to drop out of the rich list”.

The WfCBC is a collaboration between the Shiva Foundation, GMSP Foundation and City Philanthropy. The network will host regular, London-based breakfast events that will connect members with organisations around various causes and help them make a difference to these causes effectively. Members will have the opportunity to learn, collaborate and contribute to resolving some of the most pressing social issues of our time.

The first breakfast meeting, to be held on 14 October at the City's Guildhall, will discuss human trafficking in the UK with a panel made of up of leading experts including Lynellyn Long Ph.D., founder of HERA, and Irina Do Carmo, Anti-Trafficking Advocate at Poppy Project. The event will be chaired by Human Rights Barrister Parosha Chandran.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Women for Change Breakfast Club sign up here.

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