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Payroll Giving Quality Mark

Jul 2nd 2012

The Payroll Giving Quality Mark, launched in January 2006 recognises and rewards organisations for making Payroll Giving available to their staff. The Quality Mark Awards symbolise excellence, recognising employers that are making a difference through Payroll Giving, benefitting good causes and employees alike. Achieving an Award is a great news story for organisations,

The Quality Mark aims to increase participation in Payroll Giving which provides UK charities with a sustainable income stream.

Once organisations set up a Payroll Giving scheme, they will automatically receive a certificate as well as the Quality Mark logo for use on letterheads, websites and other company literature. The Quality Mark acknowledges Payroll Giving has been implemented and demonstrates (both within the organisation and publicly) that the orgainasation is committed to the good causes its employees care about. Depending on the take up of the scheme, employers may be eligible for either a Bronze, Silver, Gold or a Platinum Quality Mark Award.

There are four awards: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Your Payroll Giving Agency (PGA) will monitor the employee participation rates you have achieved by February each year and allocate an Award in line with criteria. If you are eligible for an Award, it will be issued to you by your PGA from April onwards. Alternatively, if you think you qualify for an award, you can approach your PGA directly, download your Quality Mark and Awards Application Form and post it back to The Payroll Giving Centre

 Why not Go for Platinum? Apply online for the new Platinum Award.

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