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Millennial giving network to launch 50 new teams of City professionals

Nov 9th 2015
Kawika Solidum, CEO at BeyondMe

City-based giving network BeyondMe brought together 50 millennial professionals at its Bootcamp on Saturday (November 7) to launch its third cohort; the Daniel Phelan cohort.

As this month’s More to Give report on giving among millennials reveals, millennial staff have a strong desire to connect, commit together and use their business expertise to drive social change. Four-fifths of those surveyed want to use their professional skills to make a difference, and almost 75% said their involvement in giving improved their leadership skills.

BeyondMe establishes teams of seven colleagues who together donate their time, skills and money for a year to a charity of their choice, with matched funding and mentoring of a senior sponsor in their business.

BeyondMe aims to start 50 new teams across the UK from leading businesses including Allen & Overy, Deloitte, EY and PwC.

36 new charity partners have been added to BeyondMe’s 50 strong portfolio. The charities will benefit from the resources of these ambitious millennial professionals.

The third cohort is named after Daniel Phelan, the late founder and editor-in-chief of Civil Society Media, who passed away earlier this year following a long battle with cancer. He was 58. Daniel launched Civil Society Media in 1990 and grew it into the only media, events and training company dedicated to serving the UK’s voluntary sector.

Kawika Solidum, Chief Executive, BeyondMe comments: “The BeyondMe movement embodies the millennial generation; we are generous, want to give together and want to connect meaningfully with a cause. BeyondMe inspired 50 highly motivated millennials to spend Saturday with us to better understand the social sector. Each of them will now mobilise six colleagues to form a BeyondMe team and tackle a social cause together over the next 12 months. We are building a generous generation. The cohort launching today will engage 350 new professionals with BeyondMe’s model of giving time, skills and money to charity. Ours is a rapidly growing movement of like-minded millennials, collaborating to create greater impact on the world beyond them.”

The Bootcamp was hosted at PwC, a founding partner of BeyondMe.

Gaenor Bagley, Head of People, PwC said: “We are proud to host passionate millennials from across businesses who want to make a difference while expanding their professional skills and networks. We partner with BeyondMe because they inspire our talent to develop skills, grow networks and deepen relationships with colleagues. Currently, there are 22 BeyondMe teams at PwC, engaging over 200 PwC professionals across five cities. We expect to launch more teams in this cohort and look forward to our talent delivering social value to causes they care about.”

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