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Midnight Madness arrives in London from NY - are you hard and clever enough?

Apr 4th 2018

Athletic, intelligent and giving? Then sign up for Midnight Madness, an immersive challenge around London that will test your brain and body while raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for Raise Your Hands that supports small charities that transform children's lives.

Midnight Madness is an import from New York, where the event has raised more than $7m over 3 years.  This first London event taking place on May 19th is supported by GAM and Goldman Sachs.

Raise Your Hands co -founder Ed Wethered says: “We’re looking to raise around £200k from this event. It’s a completely unique approach to fund raising, which we believe needs to be refreshed and invigorated. It’s ok to ask people to donate a lot of money to good causes, but we prefer to give people incredible experiences in the process. Hence Midnight Madness!

“The event is a cross between the Da Vinci Code and the Crystal Maze, with a whole host of immersive theatre and London as the stage. It’s a once in a life time opportunity for participants to pit their intellectual wits against one another, testing their mental strength through the night. London is the capital of immersive theatre, and this is going to be the boldest and most ambitious immersive challenge that London has ever seen – all in the name of exceptional small charities that improve the lives of children in the UK.”

Raise Your Hands has already raised more than £500k for ‘exceptional’ small charities that help transform the lives of children by helping its members ‘feel good while doing good’.

Find out more and sign up here:  https://madnessuk.com/

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