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Impetus Trust receives £310,000 grant to boost high-level volunteering

Jun 2nd 2012

Venture philanthropy pioneer Impetus Trust has received a £310,000 grant from the government Social Action Fund to create more opportunities for high-level volunteers to give their skills.

The funding, following the second tranche of applications to the fund, will be used by Impetus to scale up its work in recruiting, matching and deploying skilled professionals into charities that need their help. Impetus says it will create hundreds of high-impact social action opportunities for professionals. In particular, the skills of information technology, human resource and marketing professionals are needed to scale up the portfolio of charities they support.

Impetus will be working with Brightside, an education charity that develops online mentoring projects, in order to broaden its reach and increase high level volunteering.

Daniela Barone Soares, chief executive of Impetus Trust said: “With this financial investment, we will be able to dramatically expand the work we have been doing over the last decade, matching skilled volunteers with projects that accelerate the growth of charities within our portfolio so they can help many more people. People wanting to have a big impact should focus the time they are prepared to volunteer on giving what they are good at – their day job skills.”

Impetus has a long history of encouraging highly skilled volunteers to donate their skills and experience to ambitious charities and social enterprises. In addition to this expertise, Impetus injects funding and management support into organisations to help them increase the number of people they in turn can help. Impetus focusses on charities that help people break out of the cycle of economic disadvantage.

Minister for Civil Society Nick Hurd said, “We have awarded Impetus Trust  £310,000  from the Social Action Fund so that it can continue doing what it does well: helping more and more people out of poverty. This money will mean that it can recruit more skilled people and deploy them into charities that need their help, making a real difference across our communities.”

The Social Action Fund is managed by The Social Investment Business on behalf of the Cabinet Office. It is part of a broader programme of support for social action that was announced in the Giving White Paper last year. £20 million has been awarded to a wide range of game-changing projects by the Fund.

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