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Have your say on London Funders' strategy

Apr 4th 2018

London Funders, the membership network for funders and investors in London's civil society, is seeking feedback on its strategy for 2018-2021. 

CEO James Banks says: "We’re ambitious about the future, but also recognise that we need to remain focused and deliver the high quality work that our members and partners expect from us.  We’ll always work to use our resources well, though some areas of this strategy will require additional investment to deliver.  Recognising this, we’re keen to know what in this strategy you’d like us to prioritise, and where you think there are ideas that are “nice to have” rather than crucial to our work."

The draft strategy has been developed  through talking to network groups, members, and a wider group of partners and stakeholders to get their insights into the challenges and opportunities ahead.  

Through its consultation it has heard that people value a cross-sector and collaborative approach.

"We’re open to ideas about how we can strengthen our cross-sector offer further, and to feedback if you think there are areas of this strategy that should be delivered by other people.  We’ll explore further partnership opportunities based on suggestions."

A membership strategy t will be developed to sit alongside this plan, to broaden its network by bringing in new groups and people into the membership who can help it achieve its ambition. 

Click here to read the full strategy, and to provide feedback email James

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