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Barclays: "Northern Ireland UK's most philanthropic region; London sixth"

Sep 28th 2015
Mark Greer, Philanthropy Director, UK Community Foundations

Levels of philanthropic giving do not necessarily correlate with wealth, according to new research published by Barclays. The UK Wealth Prosperity Map shows that Northern Ireland is the UK’s most charitable region despite ranking sixth for prosperity, whilst London, the most prosperous region, is only the sixth most philanthropic.

Northern Ireland had the highest level of charitable giving with nearly half (44.6%) of households giving to charity, compared to just 28.2% in London. Other particularly charitable regions in the UK included the South West (31.8%), South East (31.5%) and the East of England (30.4%).

Mark Greer, Philanthropy DIrector, UK Community Foundations, said: “In Northern Ireland there is a strong and unique sense of community - people look out for each other in a way that differs to other regions. Community foundations know that many people want to give to causes in their own backyard – Northern Ireland’s strong sense of place and community spirit is clearly driving it to the top of the giving league.”

The Barclays UK Wealth Prosperity Map uses factors including average annual pay, business survival rates, percentage of households giving to charity and exam scores to generate a ‘Prosperity Index’ for each region. These factors are designed to provide a deeper view of regional financial health than single measures of wealth such as assets, investments and the location of luxury services, and make it possible to predict the UK’s next most prosperous areas.

Predictably, London, the South East and Eastern England are the most prosperous regions in the UK with higher than average household wealth, property prices and business success rates.

To find out more visit Barclay’s Wealth Prosperity Map

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