We define philanthropy as the giving of resources in an engaged and strategic way for maximum impact and in a tax efficient manner. It can include the giving of money, assets, time, talent, voice and one’s social capital. We believe in the power of philanthropy as a great social connector and the source of many great opportunities.

City Philanthropy

A Wealth of Opportunity


Young professional giving network doubles size in a day

A giving network for young professionals has more than doubled in size. BeyondMe, which brings together small teams of givers within large City businesses, launched 50 new teams at its first ever bootcamp earlier this month, taking its total to nearly 100 teams since 2011.

Giving philanthropy advice

9:00 am

24th February 2015, 9am - 12.30pm


There is growing demand from wealthy individuals for advice and support around their philanthropy, driven by a trend towards more strategic and planned giving. Private client advisors are in an ideal position to reach and advise existing and potential philanthropists. But in many cases, a significant opportunity is being missed—only a small number of advisors are proactively raising the issue with clients.


New Philanthropy Capital
185 Park Street

Creating a theory of change: an introduction for funders

10:00 am

20th January 2015, 10.00am - 4.30pm


The theory of change approach is well known and used among charities, and now funders are increasingly drawn to its benefits. As both a process and a product, it encourages organisations to question how they influence change in a given context, drawing on evidence and learning, and map the steps leading to a desired outcome.


New Philanthropy Capital
185 Park Street

Beacon Awards 2015: Philanthropy footprints that shaped society today

To mark the launch of the 2015 awards Beacon is celebrating ten inspirational philanthropists from cities around the UK to kick start debate about who has left a ‘philanthropy footprint’ that still affects society today and who is creating a ‘philanthropy footprint’ now.

CAF World Giving Index 2014

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) have published the 2014 edition of the World Giving Index. The index looks at charitable behaviour in 135 countries and scores nations based on three measures - the percentage of people who in a typical month donate money to a charitable cause, volunteer their time and help a stranger.

Report results in summary:

Creativity: a sustainable solution to climate change

6:30 pm

ArtsAdmin is leading the way in producing art that addresses the core problems and challenges of climate change, as well as helping to find ways to reduce the environmental impact of the arts.

On 2 December, we are bringing together local businesses and organisations, with artists and producers from across London, to explore the important role that art has to play in securing a sustainable future for us all.

At the #GivingTuesday event


Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
E1 6AB

Serious donors embrace notion of ‘magic million’ as £1m plus donations soar by 50%

A 50% hike in the number of charitable donations worth more than £1m is grounds for optimism and a psychological norming, despite the fact that the value of them represents just a 1% rise over the previous year.

According to the annual study by Coutts the Private bank, almost 300 charitable donations of £1m plus were made in 2013.

The total value of these gifts was broadly unchanged year-on-year, at £1.36bn – and remains well below pre-recession levels. In 2007-08, £1.55bn was gifted.

Understanding Alternative Finance

This latest report from Nesta and the University of Cambridge examines the growth, trends and dynamics within the UK alternative finance sector including crowdfunding and p2p lending.


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