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Bingo Wings: Raise Your Hands

7:30 pm
Bingo is back! This time Raise your hands have got a tasty new concept for you. James from American Bingo Club takes up the story...
"At the start of the the year The American Bingo Club met with a number of international bingo clubs. A particularly fruitful dinner that took place with the well respected Portuguese Bingo Association who were treated to Lindsey's delicious family recipe for Chicken Wings.
The two groups wistfully imagined the simple joy of a London restaurant that would excel in their shared passions:
BINGO & WINGS - together at last.
They were unable to conceive of a name for such a restaurant and went to bed a few bottles of whisky and several bingo games later. It was only over an espresso and quick game of Chinese Breakfast Bingo the following morning the idea came like a lightening bolt. They would call the restaurant Bingo Wings, Southern Cooking and American Bingo."
Raise Your Hands will host an entertaining bingo night and serve excellent buffalo wings from the deep South of America, and we will all have a jolly good time.
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Miranda @ Ace Hotel
100 Shoreditch High Street
E1 7JQ
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