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Assessing Grant Applications Exploring Key Principles which Underpin Good Practice

11:00 am
This is an opportunity to participate in a course that will:
How grant applications are assessed can depend enormously on the size of the foundation, as well as on the mission and operational models adopted. There is no magic formula, but there are some key principles which underpin good practice, focusing on two important questions:
How do we ensure the assessment process is fair and balanced? What information do you need to make a considered judgement?
  • Provide an overview of the core principles of good practice in assessing grant applications from organisations
  • Explore similarities and differences between foundations
  • Enable you to share information, ideas, challenges and possible solutions
  • Draw on the experiences both of the facilitator and participants, with a mixture of presentation and small group-based discussions and exercises.
Liz Firth- Independent consultant
Liz Firth has been an independent consultant for voluntary and community organisations since 1992 – except between 1999 and 2004, when she was Grants Director for Comic Relief – and has wide experience within the grant-making world, working with a broad range of funders.
Will interest:
Those involved in the practicalities of assessing grant applications who want to explore the underlying principles, the challenges involved and to learn from different approaches.
victoria@acf.org.uk | 0207 255 4499
Cost to members: £135
Cost to non-members: £225
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