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Doing Good Great: An insider's guide to getting the most out of your philanthropic journey

Mar 5th 2015

Having a loaded gun at your head while being ‘frog-marched’ through the wilds of West Africa’s political tinderbox Liberia in the dead of night by a gang of so-called soldiers is a true test of one’s cool.

Fortunately for philanthropists everywhere, Doug Balfour, CEO of Philadelphia-based philanthropy advisory firm Geneva Global, passed that test and survived to tell the tale and many more in his new book Doing Good Great.

This memoire-cum-manual offers a neat ‘eight-pillar’ approach to ‘performance philanthropy’ or “doing good better” illustrated with gritty tales from the real world of international development.  It insists the best way to bring about real social change is using hard-headed, business-based practices such as ‘Investment Thinking’, ‘Successful Failing’ and ‘Active Collaborating’. 

The book is a distillation of a quarter of a century of Balfour’s experience on the ground leading international philanthropy projects across Africa, Asia and South America fighting disease, exploitation, hunger and poverty.  Written in frictionless English, Balfour has managed quite a feat in writing a readable ‘how to’ publication that is insightful rather than preachy.

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