We define philanthropy as the giving of resources in an engaged and strategic way for maximum impact and in a tax efficient manner. It can include the giving of money, assets, time, talent, voice and one’s social capital. We believe in the power of philanthropy as a great social connector and the source of many great opportunities.

City Philanthropy

A Wealth of Opportunity

Marcus Scott FCA

Chief Operating Officer, TheCityUK

"As a global city, London is one of those places that seems as if its people exist on a different planet when seen by the billions of people who still live without sanitation, education or medical services around the world. Equally, the abundance of London seems a million miles away from the people who struggle to make ends meet here in the UK and who have not benefitted from London’s global reach. The phrase “think globally, act locally” coined in the 70s still resonates more than 40 years later, since we can do so much with relatively little from here. Even modest sums raised here in the UK can make fundamental life changes to those in other countries providing sanitation, education and basic healthcare.

This should both make us proud and inspire us to take personal action. Equally, the expertise and skills that many of us have developed and which we take for granted can often make similarly life changing impacts on the lives of those around us here. If we can find a way to use those skills to help others then we can make a huge difference."

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